February 1957
Frank Sikacek
Biographer: Serena Lee
A story about migration, expectation and happiness.
in 1957, my father announced that we would be moving from Italy to Australia to reunite the family. I was seventeen at the time, I was just finishing high-school and it was my dream to one day become a teacher. However, this was cut short. This decision left me feeling numb inside and I felt there was no need for us to move. When we arrived in Australia, I felt lost and scared. Everything was strange. I desperately wanted to go back home.

After two or three months, my brother found me a job in an office where he was working and I enjoyed it—as a typist. I enjoyed the job very much. I stayed there for two years. In the mean time, I met my husband there, we got married after that, we had four kids. Now, I never want to leave Australia even if they would pay me.

I love Australia.