December 1967
Spiderweb Kitchen
Biographer: Serena Lee
Mischievous children playing tricks with their Nonna
Our grandmother—who we called Nonna—used to come over frequently when we were little. We were very mischievous and one day we got bored, so we decided to turn the kitchen into a spider's web. In those days, all the cupboards had handles. So we got a large ball of string and attached the end to one of the handles, took the string across the room and attached it to another handle, went to another point in the room and we kept attaching it around the room until we made a very big mess.

Nonna came in and she couldn't get through the room without cutting with scissors. She was very angry with us and she kept on saying, "It's disgusting! It's disgusting!", her Italian accent became more pronounced which we found very funny—so we were rolling on the floor laughing.

She was very cross at us for doing that.