May 1985
Letraset at War
Biographer: Serena Lee
War stories from the 1980s
During the 1980s, I was assigned to a special military unit. Our task was to correlate information from the front line. We were involved in the Falklands conflict and also the war. I was stationed at the RAF staff college in Bracknell in the South of England, with the responsibility to help train future officers. I went through quite a rigorous interview process in London. We had to go through lots of training. I eventually got posted to an army unit for four years and then I progressed to the RAF unit down south. We didn't actually have to be with any fire arms at all, sadly. I did have a couple of trips in a tank and a helicopter, but that was to get me somewhere.. I could of taken the bus—but I think they wanted to give us the sense of being in the military which was a bit more exciting. There was no military compulsory training, I didn't have to be particularly fit or do any crazy jumping or swimming or running. They just wanted to see if you had a sound mind to take on tasks that you wouldn't tell other people about. The Falklands conflict was more exciting because I was fairly young and it was the first one. There were dreams of getting on the task fleet, Margaret Thatcher's ship sailing into the Falklands—that was the dream. The most important tool of the trade at the time was letraset. A very, very important part of the graphics officer toolbox was the old letraset. We used to go through heaps of it.