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On My Life is a storytelling platform designed to engage community workers/volunteers with older persons or other individuals who need support. Adding a story is easy and takes only a few steps. Choose the date and location of your story, add photos, videos or audio then publish in a style of your choice. Stories may be kept private or shared with the world.

On My life is an ideal platform for volunteer organisations, community service providers and students studying aged care or leasure and health.

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Leitu bonnici
Spiderweb Kitchen
Mischievous children playing tricks with their Nonna
Kaede james takamoto graham james
Knowing Patrick
An inspiring story about a writer who changes a man's life through letter writing.
Img 0981
Mary & Arthur
A love story in later life
Washing Day in the early 1940s
My mother describes how the washing was done in outback Queensland
Img 3630
Mama's House
What I remember about Mama's house